Our ability to quote Quebec based properties for Ontario residents has been temporarily suspended due to a jurisdiction dispute. The insurers that provided this coverage for us are working to resolve the problem. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you.

No Boat is To Small for Premier Marine!
Why go to a home insurer for a boat insurance policy?
Small Outboard boat premiums as low as $130

Give your boat clients added peace of mind not provided by a home policy: Protect Claims Record - segregating loss records means there is no chance  of losing claims free discount on the home policy because of a marine loss Marine Expertise - in the event of a claim, deal with a marine professional

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Business Interruption due to Covid-19

Recommendations to Commercial Insureds

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Ontario changes auto accident benefits June 2016

 Once again Ontario is amending the accident benefits coverage

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Winter Vacation Warning

Planning a winter vacation or to be away from you residence for more than 4 consecutive days, during the normal heating season? 

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